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Growing Coachella Valley


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Growing Coachella Valley is a non profit organization of farmers and industry professionals dedicated to protecting Coachella Valley's resources, now and for the future.


Farm Workers

Coachella Valley farms do more than feed our families - they also feed the local economy. The area’s rich soil, favorable climate and water from the Colorado River allow more than 100 different types of crops to flourish here.

Farm workers

Agriculture plays a vital role in the economy of the Coachella Valley. Many Coachella Valley farms and supporting businesses provide over 12,000 year-round jobs to local residents.

date palm worker

Farming is the second largest contributor to the economy of the Coachella Valley, generating crops valued at approximately $600 million annually.The Coachella Valley supplies a good portion of the country’s fruits and vegetables in the winter season. Additionally, 90% of dates produced in the United States are grown right here in the Coachella Valley.

Farmers in field

Coachella Valley farmers are devoted to efficient and responsible use of our resources. More than 85% of the Coachella Valley farmers currently use some form of water-conserving drip or micro-spray irrigation.

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